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Not just shopping, informed buying!

Named by the Amharic word “አውላላ (awlala)” - meaning: vast, plane, or leveled - is a unique online-shopping platform that aims at establishing a level playing-field for buyers and sellers by catering rich and deep knowledge (content) about any aspect of their transaction on the platform. From detailed product descriptions, crisp images, detailed user reviews, to professionally curated advice on how to use and care for products purchased on the platform, rich knowledge (content) is front and center on to empower buyers towards making a well informed buying decision. is a subsidiary of Sewasew Inc, the company that has ventured and enjoyed the success of bringing Africa’s local knowledge to the internet with its flagship platform hosts more than 200K diverse knowledge articles that have garnered millions of reads and impressions across its multiple access surfaces each month. Its newly launched sister platform,, targets at putting to work this vast knowledge base, vibrant community and many-years-of local-content expertise to make online-shopping an effective, enjoyable and remorse-free experience for both buyers and sellers.

The Awlala and Sewasew platform ecosystem is backed by a stellar team with diverse professional experience, strong work ethic, and most of all, an ardent belief that a homegrown local-knowledge is the key to the empowerment of societies and communities of Africa.

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