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World-class customer support
30 days refund warranty
Negotiated price
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Help / Support

How do I make payments?

At this time, we support the below payments methods;

  • Mastercard and Visa Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash

You can also reach out to sellers using the form provided on the product page, call and discuss with sellers for additional preferences

How do I sell on Awlala?

Once you complete the registration process please reach out to our support team at [email protected] or  0922-11-53-53 for the next steps. A quick step to get  you onboarded is filling out the form to become a seller.

How is delivery handled?

You can choose sellers to handle delivery if so, you have to discuss with the seller on the details. An alternative approach is to do it with Awlala, in this case Awlala will be delivering via the different shipping options available in Addis ababa. Note, currently we don’t support delivery outside of Addis Ababa.

How do I return and get refunds for my orders?

Please refer to our shipping and payment page here for the details

What type of products does Awlala sell?

Awlala is built to support unlimited categories of products, If you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected] or  0922-11-53-53

How can I find products on Awlala?

There are multiple options to use, one is to use the search box at the top of the page or you can also use the categories page to easily filter and see products in a specific category. Yet another way to find a product can be done by using the Further Products by the same seller link.

How is Awlala different from other online-shopping platforms in Ethiopia?

Some of the distinguishing characteristics and features of Awlala are its world-class customer support, 30 days refund warranty, negotiated price, detailed product descriptions, quality images and user reviews and our professionally curated advice on how to use and care for products purchased on the platform.

What are the top advantages in becoming a seller on Awlala?

By becoming a seller on Awlala one can get a custom free website/landing page, products listed will have rich and informative content that empowers buyers to make informed buying. Sellers also benefit from the multiple and powerful sales channel integration the platform has.

Where is Awlala’s office located?

Addis Ababa

Any other questions?

Please reach us at [email protected] or at our number  0922-11-53-53 for any question you might have